Cultivating a Mindful Business

One can hear the battle cries from every corner of this nation – “We aim to be the best.” “We’re number one!” “We’re going to put the competition out of business.”

Please understand I am not saying there is anything wrong with doing your best, in business and in life.

I was recently faced with the challenge of getting to do some soul searching as I continue to run my business and prepare to expand it. Yeah, there are financial statements and balance sheets and all of that which need to be done, but as I looked at my PLAN as this market grows, “competition” is a word that I look at more and more. With such an amazing service, it’s inevitable.
Do I want to become the Walmart of the float industry offering “cheap, cheap buy now before they are gone” floats? Will I choose to ‘Go to the mattresses’ like the Godfather and You’ve got Mail movies?

One thing that was said in later movie about ‘going to the mattresses’ is that it’s not personal, it’s business.

That’s not how I choose to conduct MY business. It is personal…VERY personal. From the time you walk in the door, it is personal that we create an environment that starts to put you at ease. It’s personal that I started this business to help people, not to simply make money. It was not a side thing so that I didn’t have to work so hard in my other job. I knew that this was something that could help to start to mentally, physically and emotionally HEAL people, to help them slow down, get quiet, and go inside.


From the article Balancing Business with Buddha online at Beliefnet:
“Right livelihood [not doing work that causes harm to self or others] is a tenet of Buddhist practice, but that doesn’t mean we should all be social workers,” says Chuck Slotkin, a New York investment banker. “Being a Buddhist is not taking a poverty vow, but it’s also not being an avaricious a–h–e and stabbing people in the back.”

A Mindful Business

My promise to you is to maintain a spirit of mindfulness in every step of the journey. I want to cultivate a mindful business.
As my good friends Lee and Glen Perry, owners of the Samadhi Tank Company and pioneers in the float industry said about competition, “Don’t worry about them, just do YOU.” That was the single best advice I have gotten around the topic.

I DO ME and am very grateful and humbled by the many customers who come back time and time again for what I have to offer – me AND my float tanks that is.