Anyone who knows me knows that I am not one for much tradition or following the pack because that’s “just the way it is”. For that reason, I no longer do New Year’s resolutions and this is why. A New Year’s resolution gives the impression that last year, something was WRONG with me or LACKING. I think it also feeds in the all of the billion-dollar industries that tells us we need to be thinner, fitter, prettier, younger, wealthier etc. Frankly, I don’t want to start a year off with the idea of being wrong or not quite up-to-par.

The revolution is to revolt against all of those messages the advertisers lob and to take all of those wonderful things that I did, discovered, and practiced and to turn up the awesomeness on them! So last year, I began to really embrace learning how to be compassionate. That is something I very much want to continue in the new year. I was an awesome mom and friend and I learned to listen to my gut more. More of that please – and good job. I dabbled in exercising at my gym and found out, amazingly, that it gave me more energy and helped keep my blood sugar under control. Yay me! More of that too!

What was it that YOU loved about yourself last year? What did you do that you would like to continue? Keep going! Float On!