Michelle DeRouen Float Houston

This is it! My wonderful webmaster has gently nudged me a few times to write a blog and now it obviously has come to pass. My intention for this blog is to share all things float-related first…insights, news, revelations etc. I also realize that so many who make the voyage to float therapy or isolation tanks are on a quest, searching for something more, something bigger than themselves. I have been told I have a lot to offer that I need to be sharing, so we’ll see how it lands.

In the beginning

To start off, I want to tell you about how I came to develop the business that is known as Float Houston Health and Wellness. In 2005, after a lengthy and turbulent divorce, I found myself alone for an entire month. My kids would be with their dad and I had some money from the sale of my house. I had started recovery and personal development work in 2000 and found myself at a crossroads. I lived in Germany for 3 years and always said that “someday” I would return. Through listening to SARK on audiotape and having just done a training in the Landmark Forum, I got the message that I needed to face this new single-ness by traveling. ALONE. The idea both excited and terrified me.

I decided that I would take the month and backpack through Europe. I had no particular destinations in mind except going back to Germany to visit the landlords that I called Oma and Opa, and a reservation I made for a farm-stay in Italy. But I digress, let me get to the floating part.I found myself in a hostel in London. I had already visited London a few times so I decided to find something less-touristy to do. That’s when I found the idea of floating. I can’t recall if it had ever come into my awareness, but it intrigued me. I made my appointment and booked my float session.

The 1st Float

Floatworks was pretty easy to find. It was a basement-style space and very calm and peaceful. I was led to my room with the float tank. I remember being in the tank and just feeling blissed-out. No noise, no light, no pressure. I felt FREE. Brilliant colors swirled above my head. I was being cradled in the womb, water gently moving. Towards the end of my float session, I remember thinking that I needed to bring this back to Houston. I walked out of my float feeling like there was nothing in the world that could bring me down, there was nothing I could not accomplish.

Then to Now

For the next 3 years, I researched, planned, and eventually bought a house that I could envision offering float sessions out of. Yes, put a door here, have the tanks there, customers would come in this way.

It was all falling into place. I opened the doors to Float Houston Health and Wellness in December of 2008. A little over 2 years later, I quit my steady-paying job as a special education teacher to meet the growing demands of my float clientele. Now, nearly 6 years later, I am just a couple of steps away from having a beautiful, commercial location open to serve even more who are searching for that oasis in the concrete jungle that is Houston.

Photo by aussiegall