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What temperature is the water?

The water temperature is maintained at skin temperature – 93.5. At this temperature, after about five minutes of floating, you can no longer feel where your body ends and the water begins.

If I wanted to could I wear a swim cap?

You may bring a swim cap to wear although in our experience, even the tightest of swim caps do not hold out the water. It may be best to schedule your appointment right before you go to your hair appointment.

How sanitary is the water?

The water in the float tank is much cleaner than water in a swimming pool or hot tub because of the high concentration of Epsom Salts which creates a sterile environment in which microorganisms cannot survive. After each session, the entire contents of each tank are filtered automatically 7 times using a 75 micron filter and 35% hydrogen peroxide.

We also use hydrogen peroxide after each float session which inhibits the growth of bacteria. Clients are required to thoroughly shampoo, soap, and rinse on-site before entering the float tank.

Is there anyone who is not supposed to use the tank?

We don’t recommend tank use for epileptics whose epilepsy is not under medical control; for people under the influence of alcohol or drugs, those with infectious diseases, open skin wounds, or those with suicidal tendencies.

Is there a height limit for your tanks?

Yes. Clients 6’5” and under have floated comfortably in our tanks. Unfortunately, if you are over 6’5”, your feet and head will touch simultaneously, which could take away from your experience. We hope
to add larger tanks soon!

I’m claustrophobic will I be able to float?

Yes. Since claustrophobia centers around not having control over one’s environment, floating in our tanks is not a problem. You have the choice and control as to whether the door is fully open, partially open, or closed. Additionally, our tanks are approximately four feet high, so even with the door closed, there is plenty of space above you. Since we opened in 2009, we have never had a claustrophobic person who has been unable to float.

What if I can’t swim?

Floating doesn’t require any swimming skills whatsoever. You’ll actually float like a cork regardless of your shape or size.

Is there enough air in the tank?

Yes, the tank is designed not to be airtight, so there is plentiful air supply.

Can pregnant women use the tank?

Yes. However, we suggest that pregnant women inform their physicians or midwives and get their opinion prior to using the tank. As a woman’s body gets heavier with pregnancy, floating offers great relief from the pull of gravity. Many expectant women who float with us love using the head pillow to float on their stomachs!

Can I use the tank if I’m menstruating?

Yes, if you use a fresh tampon.

What effect does salt have on my skin?

Your skin will feel amazing after a float! On the scientific side, most people are about 70%-80% deficient in magnesium and sulfates. Floating is THE best way to absorb the needed magnesium since the skin is our largest organ. Soaking in epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) also detoxifies the body which is one of the reasons people exit the tank with a pink, healthy glow.

Will my skin wrinkle?

No. Because the water in flotation tanks contains high salt levels, it doesn’t rob your skin of salt, (which is what causes wrinkling). Rather, it leaves your skin feeling soft and silky.

Do people sleep in the tank?

Yes, some people fall asleep in the tank, and some people use the tank for sleeping. Your body and mind get what it needs.

Is it private?

Yes, you float within your own tank (so there is no requirement to wear a swimsuit). The shower room is attached to the float room so you can get right into your tank, privately. If you float with a friend and feel the need for more privacy, there is a privacy curtain between the two tanks that can be pulled as well as robes for your convenience.

Do you wear anything in the tank?

Since it is a private experience, most people wear nothing. Anything you wear will press against your body, becoming a distraction. In this regard imagine it as similar to getting into your bathtub.

Can I come with a friend?

Yes, you may bring along a loved-one or a friend. It’s great to have someone to talk about your experience with. We have one suite that contains 2 float tanks. If you schedule for just yourself, the second tank remains empty while you float.

Can two people float in the same tank simultaneously?

Floatation therapy is meant to be a solitary experience. Bumping into someone would take you out of your sensory deprivation experience so our tanks are meant for one person. If you would like someone with you, however, we do have 2 tanks in one room.

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