We strive to make every floatation experience as individual as you are – providing a safe, nurturing environment for you to replenish your mental and emotional reserves.


We strive to make every floatation experience as individual as you are – providing a safe, nurturing environment for you to replenish your mental and emotional reserves.
Increase Awareness and Balance

Increases Awareness & Balance

By becoming blind, we learn to see” greatly applies to the floatation tank. When one decreases their sensory input, sensory awareness is increased. While floating, one has the capacity to go within and make sense of the world outside. They emerge from the tank with their senses more expanded and acute and with increased clarity.
Prevent Sports Injuries

Prevents Sports Injuries

Floating can prevent sports injuries by keeping muscles and joints relaxed and flexible. Blood circulation is increased which leads to faster healing. A buildup in lactic acid often causes us to be fatigued and creates muscle soreness. The magnesium that is absorbed from the salts in the water detox the body of lactic acid.
Improve Athletic Performance

Improve Athletic Performance

Athletes are constantly alert for ways to improve their performance and their bodies’ functioning. Inside the tank, performance can be visualized, kinks found, and physical sensitivity and concentration is increased. Being loose and relaxed, which the tank provides, is key to an athlete’s functioning.
Aids in Super Learning

Aids in Super Learning

Most floaters enter the theta brain wave state while in the tank. While in theta, the mind is most open to absorbing new information and retaining it for longer periods. A Georgetown University study showed that experiencing stress while trying to learn actually causes one to absorb 13% less information than learning from a relaxed state of mind.
You are the author of your own play when you're floating in a float tank

You are the Author

Inside the tank, you are the author of your own movie. No commands need to be made, the logical brain takes a break, and as activity slows down it balances the creative side.

Our mission is to assist you in releasing the stress of your daily life, and provide your body with the rest and healing it needs for you to go about your day energized and prepared to welcome life on life’s terms.

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